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How to Increase Global Traffic to Your eCommerce Store?

eCommerce is one of the fastest-changing industries in the 21-st century. Competition in eCommerce is currently at an all-time high. Wholesale companies, global retail giants, and even companies that traditionally did not sell goods over the Internet are present online. states that eCommerce sales are projected to grow from $4.9 trillion in 2021 to $6.4 trillion in 2024. Considering only this one task, we realize that there is a continuous growing competition between online stores. So, one might ask, what should I do, not be left behind by all of these successful online stores?

Luckily, Verbika knows the answer! In this article, we will introduce you to 5 top tips and technologies that, when used correctly, will help you increase the international traffic to your eCommerce store. 

Let us start right away!

1. Localize your website for the countries you want to target.

The most noticeable advantage of localization is increasing the loyalty of those user groups who prefer to perceive information in their language.

Of course, it is important to consider the general level of English proficiency in the country you will target your website. For example, if the audience of your website is Denmark, Sweden, or Finland, most likely you can go with the English version only. That is because the population in these countries speaks fluent English. If you want to reach users in China, Russia, or Turkey, you should already think about translation and localization. 

Another benefit of website localization into multiple languages ​​is the improvement of your brand image. A multilingual website makes users think that your company, at least, can afford it and thus takes care of its customers. If your company is a recognized international brand, having the local language versions of your website becomes is a must. 

It is worth localizing a website if you:

  1. Plan to expand abroad
  2. Want to increase your website international traffic
  3. Position yourself as a multinational company
  4. Has foreign clients and/or partners

why to translate website

2. Reach the quality SEO level.

The fundamental factor, which defines the incoming traffic flow, is the on-page and off-page SEO optimization. This is a rather complicated method to implement that takes time. It is the SEO part that eventually brings the most important results. Of course, you can achieve this only with the right and professional approach.

SEO helps to reach the organic top of the search results, get more traffic from search engines and reduce the cost of attracting one customer. 

To start with SEO, first, you need to make your website advantageous, relevant, and user-friendly for visitors, second to optimize it for overseas countries to get global traffic to your online store.

3. Try the top-notch: Targeted Ads on Social Media.

Answering the question of how to increase the global traffic to your online store, it is impossible to pass by the opportunity to attract traffic from targeted advertising. Social networks are traffic generator leaders. There is almost any type of audience on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, whom you can convert into your lead or even loyal customers.

In such advertisings, the main role is played by the correct selection of the audience and high-quality (content that will be positively perceived by the chosen audience) creative visuals and text. By the way, Facebook (Instagram) is quite well able constantly to optimize launched campaigns automatically. It will be necessary for you to install a pixel to the website, customize the target audience, and test traffic by highlighting a specific budget.

4. Influencer marketing as a Way to Increase Global Traffic to your eCommerce Store.

Any famous person on the Internet can be an influencer, from famous pop singers on Instagram to microbloggers on Linkedin. An eCommerce store can be advertised not only by one person, but also by an entire organization, or a community that inspires people.

Find a popular leader in your niche among foreign microbloggers on Instagram, get in touch and ask them about advertising in their stories or main feed. Ask the blogger to attach a link to your eCommerce shop to the ad. We recommend tagging such links with UTM tags so that you can easily assess the dashboard to track the effectiveness of different traffic sources.

An indispensable advantage of influencer marketing is that it is available to anyone, any company/online store, from small organizations to large corporations. Consider the following: the more famous the influencer is among social media users, and the more subscribers he has on his blog or channel, the more expensive his services will be.

5. Use Your Promotional Email Campaigns in Foreign Countries.

Email Marketing allows you to increase sales, recalling the client base on certain events. For example, the promotional campaigns or some new products realise that you want to share with them. You can collect the client base in different ways. The main point is to motivate visitors to leave their email, for example, by giving a discount in return.

Also, some of the points that we have talked about are used during email marketing of your eCommerce store. First, you will need to translate and localize your English newsletter’s text for, for example, a Spanish audience. You can collect the emails while doing the targeted ads or influencer marketing, or landing page optimization.

Go and read our bonus point below on why you need to have a good landing page.

Bonus: Create and Optimize a Landing Page

Create a one-page site to post basic information about the company, a unique offer that sells or a relevant e-book. Contextual advertising will help you attract international traffic to your general website. Remember, that you need to configure all of your pages by key search queries of the target overseas audience. 

We hope this article on how to increase global traffic to your eCommerce store will help you grow your business. In case that you have any questions or inquiries for translation and localization – feel free to contact us anytime.