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Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

Do you need high-quality multilingual desktop publishing services translated and formatted into a print-ready document for your company? 

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

What is Desktop Publishing and Why it is Important for Translation?

Translating or localizing is more than simply turning the words from one language to another. Sometimes you need non-editable files like PDFs or text on images, brochures, newspapers, collateral materials, booklets, and manuals translated or formatted into a print-ready document for your company.

The translated text often has a different sentence structure and length when compared to the original. From typesetting to graphic placement, many projects need a redesign post-translation. We understand that the brochures and other print media you create should represent your vision as accurately as in its language of origin, so our team will make sure this is accomplished throughout our process.

What is Post Translation DTP?

Since every language has its unique structure, the amount of space needed to fit the text into your document may differ from one language to the next. Alternatively, your content may not fit properly in dialogues, images, or the layout of your brochure or document after translation. That is why the layout needs to be resized and adjusted. So we offer post translation desktop publishing services to ensure that your documents look flawless after translation.


What Is Layout And Design?

The layout and design is about using page layout tools to create documents. It refers to all the text and illustrations rearrangement that can be done with the right publishing software. It helps to make documents like pamphlets, brochures, manuals, slideshows, and websites. We at Verbika create beautifully designed documents in various languages.

What Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services
Verbika offers

Formatting non-editable files into a print-ready document

Typesetting, design, and production

Preparation of print-ready files

Software and website localization

Why choose Verbika DTP services?

Consistency of your Documents across Different Languages

As a translation and localization agency, we have a deep understanding of linguistic and cultural differences. This is why we know how to provide consistency of your documents across different languages. 

Dedicated Project Manager For Your Account

They work closely with you during the whole project, taking care of all aspects of the project and answering any questions you may have throughout the duration of your projects.

Customized Printed Content for the Specific Markets

In Verbika we do everything keeping in mind the client’s business needs, the industry, and the market.  We do the same when it comes to customized printed content. Each printed content is customized to the specific market requirements. 

Do You Need Support with Your DTP Project?

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