Machine Translation Post Editing Services

Machine Translation Post Editing Services

Get high-quality Machine Translation Post Editing Services and Automatic translation services for your business.

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What is Machine Translation Post Editing?

Machine translation post editing service, in short MTPE, is editing performed by human translators after a machine translation. Post editing aim to improve the quality of the translated content from a machine.

Translation and localization industry widely use human translators for this specific type of cost effective machine translation post editing MTPE service.

There are two types of post-editing service: light post editing and full post editing.

Light post editing means that the post editor working on light post editing correct the grammar errors and makes sure that the translated content conveys the same meaning and message as the target language.  

Full post editing services is time consuming, it involves all the aspects of the translation review. Human post editing focus on accurate translation, consistency all over the translated content and appropriate terminology use. After the full post editing the content meets the high quality translation requirements.

Machine translation post editing rates depend on the quality of the output of the machine translation.

You will find more information on machine translation types and benefits here.

How to benefit from Machine translation services?

Machine Translation (MT) is a breakthrough for delivering large volumes of multilingual translated content use the latest technologies in the field and focus on quality and accuracy. Whether you need Machine translation services or AI language translation, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Why you should consider using machine translation for big volume multilingual projects.

Save time

Fast turnaround time – the only practical way to handle large amounts of data that need a translation.


Machine language translation is less expensive and can improve your bottom line in multiple ways.



Machine translation improves data security and compliance by reducing the need for human translators.



The more you use machine translation software, the better the consistency across the entire text.

When are the machine translation services usually recommended?

When you have a large bulk of content to translate and the general meaning is enough

When your translation never reaches the final audience

When 100% accuracy isn’t needed for translations of internal emails, instructions, researches, and other written communication

For your Ecommerce localization needs

Do you need Machine Translation Post Editing srevice?