Legal Translations

Legal Translation Services

Are you a law firm or in-house legal team looking to translate your legal documents, websites, or litigation support materials with accuracy and speed?  Then get your legal documents translated by our experienced legal translators now.

Legal Translation Services

Our Expertise in Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services can take many forms. As a specialized online translation company, Verbika understands the importance of legal translations when it comes to your global business. 

Verbika helps organizations and brands achieve their global objectives. To provide high-quality legal translations, you need brilliant translators. This is why we work only with native legal translators who are fully proficient in using the right terminology and style for legal documents. Our professional team of translators and proofreaders understands the terminology, format, and structure of legal documents and the requirements for their preparation. Our team is also trained in the confidentiality requirements in legal translation. 

How does Verbika Select Legal Translators

Basic knowledge of the legal systems -both of the source and target languages

Familiarity with the relevant area of law

Familiarity with the relevant terminology

The Legal Systems

Competence in the specific legal writing style of the target language

Excellent knowledge of the source language

Capacity to translate 3000 words daily

Why Verbika?

With in-depth legal, linguistic, and confidentiality knowledge Verbika ensures that the legal translations we deliver are 100% accurate and certifiable. 

Our online translation company provides legal translation services in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, English, Chinese, Korean, and 120 other languages. Tell us, which language do you need? 

Native Legal Translators

Legal professional translators that are working with Verbika are always native with an in-depth knowledge of the specific legal area that you have requested for translation.

Your Data Is Secured With Verbika

Data security is the most important for our clients when it comes to legal translations. Your private data is guaranteed to be secure and your translations accurate with Verbika legal translation services.

Editing and Proofreading Service is a Must

We usually recommend an extra service called proofreading. This is a cost-efficient way of ensuring that a translation matches its context. A senior-level linguist performs proofreading.

Translation Terminology Knowledge

Our translators can guarantee the accuracy of legal translations through the use of the extensive legal terminology memory banks built on years of experience in legal translations.

What Legal Translation Services Verbika Offers

Tender Documents Translation

Translation of Patents

Commercial Law translations

Business Contracts and Agreement Translation

Compliance translations

Arbitration translations

Get Professional Legal Translation Services Now