Pharmaceutical, Medical & Life Sciences Translation Services

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Translation Services

Whether you need to translate a medical device user manual or clinical trial, our professional and fully supported translators are at your disposal. 

Pharmaceutical And Life Sciences

Our Expertise in Pharmaceutical and Lide science Translation Services

Verbika helps pharmaceutical companies to market their products globally. Our specialized native translators are subject matter experts with in-depth language skills, knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical terminology, and a complete understanding of the target market. Our translators, proofreaders, and localization experts will help your innovation – from medical devices to, medical publishing, clinical trials, and beyond- to be used and understood correctly.

We understand how vital and important translation is in the pharmaceutical, and life science industries. We take the responsibility and bring your pharmaceutical products and medical devices research to the world with utmost professionalism and care. 

What Pharmaceutical and Medical Translation Services Verbika offers

Verbika has extensive coverage for pharmaceutical documentation. We provide pharmaceutical and medical device translations in more than 120 language combinations.

We deliver your translated files in their final format, ready to go, saving up your time.

Our designers can adapt colour, styles, and tone in the context of suitable cultural communication to the target market.

Top translated languages for medical devices are- German-language translations; Dutch language translations; French language translations; Japanese language translations; Chinese language translations.

Pharmaceutical Translations

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Translation Services takes a crucial part in bringing new pharmaceutical products to the global market and is a must in every step of the process from research and regulatory compliance to drug manufacturing, packaging, and labelling of the drugs.

We at Verbika support pharmaceutical translations of documents such as:

Translation of Clinical Trials

Translation of Instructions for Use (IFUs)

Translation of Scientific Papers

Product characteristics (SPC)

Reports and training manuals

Pharmacological Studies

Regulatory Affairs

Medical Device Translation

Medical Device Translation

The international medical devices market size was valued at US$ 447.63 Billion in 2019 and according to Precedence Research, it is expected to be worth around US$ 671.49 billion by 2027.

We at Verbika translate documents and content such as:

Translation of Medical Device User Manuals

User Interface (UI) for software and apps

Translation of Technical Documents

Manuals for research laboratories

Patent Documentation

Package Inserts and Labels

Why Verbika?

Native Legal Translators

As an online translation company, Verbika has a simple rule when it comes to pharmaceutical and life science translation services, translators must be native speakers in the target language, as well as have an excellent understanding of the source language.

Your Data Is Secured

Your data is guaranteed to be secure, your sensitive and confidential information is protected, best-practice information security procedures are applied. Security threats are rightly programmed and managed.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our pharma translators have in-depth, experience in specific areas of life science and pharmaceutical business. We have the capacity of translating pharmaceutical documents or medical device manuals from English to over 100 languages.


Terminology Knowledge

Our translators can guarantee the accuracy of legal translations through the use of the extensive legal terminology memory banks built on years of experience in legal translations.

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