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Looking for professional subtitle translation services? Our team of experienced translators can accurately translate subtitles for your films, TV shows, and videos, ensuring that your content reaches a global audience. 

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Our Expertise in Subtitle Translation Services for Films, TV Shows, and Videos

Subtitling is the process of adding written text, or subtitles, to a video or audio recording to provide additional information or to translate the video or audio content into another language. Especially, subtitle translation services play a crucial role in the subtitling process. These services provide accurate and professional translation ensuring that the subtitles are well-written and accurately convey the content of the video.

At Verbika, we specialize in providing high-quality subtitle translation services that help businesses bring their videos to a global audience. Our team of professional subtitle translators is equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide accurate and reliable video subtitle translations service, no matter the video content.

With our subtitle translation solutions, you can effortlessly reach a multilingual audience and expand your production reach like never before. Whether you need to translate a promotional video, a training video, or a film, our expert subtitle translation services will help you communicate effectively and accurately with your target audience.

Below you can see some of the benefits that you can have by translating your video content and creating subtitles.


Subtitle translation makes video content accessible to people with hearing impairments, as well as those who are hard of hearing or deaf.

improve SEO

Video Subtitle Translation can improve your video’s search engine optimization, and make it easier for people to find your content online.


Translating subtitles in a local language is a legal requirement in some countries. For example, in European Union it is obligatory, and in the UK as well.

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In addition, subtitle translation services will help communicate the story and vision of your company using professional corporate video subtitling.

The Importance of Proofreading for Subtitle Translation

Proofreading for subtitle translation also known as subtitle QC (quality control), is an important process that ensures the high quality of subtitles translation. This step is done by a second subtitle translator. What does the proofreading for subtitle translation includes:

Review the Translation

The first step in the QC process is to review the translation to ensure that it is accurate and that it captures the intended meaning of the dialogue.

Review the Timing

The next step is reviewing the timing of the subtitles. The subtitles should appear on screen at the appropriate time, and they should be synchronized with the audio.

Verify Line Length

The length of the subtitles should be optimized to help the readability and not appear on screen for too long. The maximum line length is typically 42 characters, and the maximum number of lines per subtitle is two.

Check Spelling and Grammar

In the QC process should also involve checking the spelling and grammar of the subtitles. Any spelling or grammatical errors should be corrected.

Verify Formatting

The translated subtitles should be checked for the correct font, size, and color. They should also be positioned in a way that does not block important visual elements in the video.

Verify Compliance with Standards

The final step in the QC process is to verify compliance with the relevant industry standards, such as the Netflix Timed Text Style Guide, the BBC Subtitling Guidelines, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, or other required by the client.

what Subtitling Services We Offer

Video subtitling services

Deliver the right message to your target audience using our high-quality video subtitling services.

Television and film subtitling services

We work with local translators to offer the best television and film subtitling for your projects. 

Corporate video subtitling

Communicate the story and vision of your company using professional corporate video subtitling.

Promotion and advertising subtitles

Enhance your promotion and advertising campaigns using the local language of your target audience.

Documentary subtitling services

Get quality subtitling for your documentary production using our multilingual subtitling services.

Online training, education, and e-learning subtitles

Highly accurate and reliable subtitles for your online training, education, and e-learning courses.

Marketing video subtitles

Enhance your video marketing project with professional subtitles delivered in the local language.

Social media YouTube and website subtitles

Boost your chances of reaching your target audience with quality social media, Youtube, Vimeo, and website subtitles. 

Benefits of working with Verbika Subtitling Translation Services?

Thanks to the broad experience, dedication, and commitment of our team, Verbika has become a leading subtitling translation company that offers an all-in-one solution for all your translation needs. Regardless of the scope and size of your project, we can offer a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for your business. 

We collaborate with a global network of specialized subtitlers, in order to deliver the best multilingual subtitling services that are second to none. Because of that, we can offer subtitling production services in over 200 language pairs, including Asian video subtitling so that you can deliver the right story to your audience. Let us tell the right story to your target audience!

We understand the importance of accuracy and reliability in subtitle translation, which is why we use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that every translation we provide meets the highest standards.

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