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Professional Bulgarian Subtitling Services for Your Video Content

Our Expertise in Bulgarian Subtitling Services

Bulgarian subtitling involves the translation of audio or video content into written Bulgarian text that appears on the screen as subtitles. This process requires not only a strong command of the Bulgarian language, but also an understanding of the cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions that are specific to the Bulgarian language. We provide Bulgarian subtitling services for TV Channels, Film Production Companies, Video game companies, AI companies, Online Video Streaming Platforms. 

The most common video content that we translate: 

English To Bulgarian Movie Subtitling

Subtitle Translation for Soap Operas

English To Bulgarian Reality Show Subtitling

TV Series Subtitling in Bulgarian 

Educational Video Subtitling In bulgarian

YouTube Video Subtitling In bulgarian

Video Transcription in Bulgarian

Script Translation in Bulgarian

Subtitles Proofreading English to Bulgarian

animation and Cartoon subtitling in bulgarian

Video Games Subtitling in Bulgarian

Marketing video subtitles in bulgarian

Challenges for Bulgarian Subtitle Translations

Bulgarian Subtitle Translations are a long and complicated process. Here are some challenges which might arise during subtitle translations from English into Bulgarian. By choosing to work with Bulgarian Subtitling Agency, you will rest assured that your video is accurately translated into Bulgarian, avoiding all the below-mentioned issues.

Alphabetic script differences

What is probably the most challenging part of subtitle translation into Bulgarian is sticking to the character count. Character counts are a mandatory requirement due to the visual specifics of cinema/computer screens. However, character counts most often set their limits based on languages using the Latin script, while Bulgarian uses the Cyrillic script. This sometimes leads to issues, since in some subtitling software most Cyrillic letters are counted as two characters instead of one and translators are obliged to change the word, phrase, or sentence considerably, which can change the meaning and lead to some discrepancies between the visual scene and its written Bulgarian subtitle translation.

Technology can trick you

When the subtitle translation is finished, a final check is made to correct any eventual mistakes or double meanings or fill in some missing details. In Bulgarian subtitle translations, final checks can slow down the process. This is because quite often some ‘false mistakes’ come up during the check, which, when reviewed again, are proven to have been caused by differences in punctuation or grammar between English and Bulgarian, as well as other details specified in the language guides. In this case, they are marked as ‘false’ mistakes, but the marking itself is time-consuming and proofreaders will have to go through the same process later.

To rephrase or not to rephrase?

In most cases meaning can be preserved even if lines are changed due to character counts. There are cases, however, when preserving the original meaning can be quite challenging. One reason is because Bulgarian is more descriptive than English – some words or phrases are considerably longer and others do not have a Bulgarian equivalent, therefore making it necessary to use longer, descriptive sentences. In many cases jokes (especially in sitcoms) are also lost during translation and have to be replaced with ones suitable for the target language. All this can make subtitle translation quite slower, even when using subtitling software.

If you need subtitle translations from English into Bulgarian, feel free to contact us at Verbika.

why choose Verbika - Bulgarian Subtitling Agency

Because Verbika is a Bulgarian Subtitling Agency onsite covering a wide range of high-quality Bulgarian Subtitling Services. Some of the benefits of working with us are: 

Fast Turnaround

We know how important it is to meet deadlines, and we work efficiently to deliver your subtitling project on time. Verbika has a capacity of 400 hours monthly for English to Bulgarian subtitle translations.

Affordable prices

 Whether you need prices for Bulgarian subtitle translation, just QC/proofreading, or both, our Bulgarian subtitle pricing is transparent, competitive, and tailored to your specific needs.

Bulgarian Translators

Our English to Bulgarian subtitling translators has years of experience in the subtitling industry, working with streaming platforms, broadcasting media, Netflix, HBO, Disney, etc.

Quality Assurance

Verbika has a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that Bulgarian subtitling services meet the highest standards. All the subtitles undergo QA and proofreading to ensure that the client’s standards are accurately met.

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