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Why Your Business Needs Website Translation

Would you buy things online if you don’t understand any of the eCommerce website’s content? Most likely – no. It is so annoying when you see a lot of desirable clothes and accessories but can’t buy them as you don’t understand Italian or Russian, Serbian or Polish…

A multilingual website is a web resource that is adapted for users from different countries.

The presence of high-quality translated versions of the website speaks of the high level and purposefulness of the company. It gives an opportunity to the multilingual audience to learn about the advantages, technologies, products, and services of the business.

According to statistics from, although English has the largest share of users on the Internet, it is spoken by just 25.9% of users worldwide. Chinese comes in second with just 19.4%, and China itself is the country with the largest share of internet users, 854M people as of March 2021, according to But also, there are only 10M people in China that speak English.

Statistics about most used languages


The customer is always right!

Multilingualism is a competitive advantage of the website and helps to unleash its potential.

Let us say you are a native Greek speaker and want to familiarize yourself with the content of a web page in your native language. You immediately give kudos to that website and feel more comfortable and confident browsing it.

In a competitive environment, it is essential to keep the customer’s attention. Create a user-friendly environment so they can quickly and effortlessly receive the necessary information. If your eCommerce is easy to use for anyone, you will be one step ahead of the competition. Your clients become more active and it is highly probably they come back to buy more.

Why is website translation important?

Many would like to expand their businesses to other countries, as this gives competitive advantages:

  • Make your products and services available for a wider multilingual audience
  • Find new investors
  • Increase Profit
  • Brand awareness

When your business enters the international market, it opens up new opportunities for popularizing itself and increases profits by attracting foreign customers. Most of the famous and successful companies have a platform that is modified for different languages.

Business owners planning to venture out of the sea into the big ocean should start with their website translation into different languages.

Conquering new international territories in the global market as a business gives you the biggest opportunity for getting more prospects. Reaching more customers and driving more traffic to your website brings you more sales and thus, higher profits.

Let’s dive in and discuss some of the advantages in more detail.


New Employees, Fresh Ideas, and Localization

When expanding your business overseas, you need to hire multilingual employees. This step could lead to the development of specific benefits in your company, like, increased productivity and creativity of employees, adding foreign languages in your workflow, etc.

In addition, new employees can bring competitiveness to your business. This explains why businesses that hire skilled translators or translation services from other countries benefit from creating an enabling environment for new companies overseas.

It is good to call attention to the fact that there are countries with more than one general language but a number (or even hundreds) of dialects. When you contract a translation service provider to translate your website or eCommerce, they will ensure to localize the website by region and dialect.


Competitive Advantage

How many of your competitors operate in international markets?

Building your website in multiple languages can give you a competitive edge. You have the brilliant opportunity to lead the market and offer what no one else offers.

Businesses that decide to expand their operations internationally have a well build competitive advantage over other similar companies. If you promote your brand, eCommerce store, or services in a market where competitors are not yet active, you get all the benefits, and you can ensure brand awareness and access to new technologies.


New Investment Opportunities

The opportunity for new investments should take into consideration. Many countries have attractive offers for, overseas businesses looking to invest. In this manner, overseas companies can establish new connections inaccessible in their country’s internal markets.

One way to get all these benefits is to have a multilingual website translation localized for the target country. The more target countries – the more languages you’ll need to translate your website content.



Creating a website and content in multiple languages will help clients feel more confident. By properly designing a multilingual website, you will indicate that your brand is customer-centred and sensitive to other cultures.

Customers will find it easier to navigate and interact with your website if they understand your content. Furthermore, a multilingual website will show that you work internationally, which will automatically increase their trust.

And this wraps up our topic about how website translation can help your business to sell more. If you have questions about multilingual websites or want Verbika to help you boost your sales by professionally translating and taking care of your website, feel free to contact us! Our translation experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible