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A Complete Guide on Choosing a Bulgarian Translation Company

With ever-improving performance and rising industries, Bulgaria is unquestionably positioning itself as the next hot destination for investors and enterprises. Many investors continue to consider Bulgaria as a low-cost investment destination with government incentives for new investment. Tax rates, regulatory restrictions, and levels of government assistance are all significant factors putting Bulgaria at the top of the list.   So the need for translation into the Bulgarian language keeps rising. Finding a reputable Bulgarian translation business may be challenging because the language is highly distinct and has its unique space in Balkan languages. In this article, we have prepared a complete guide on choosing a Bulgarian translation company.


1. Languages

When choosing a Bulgarian translation company it is important to have the option of having your content translated into many language pairs. For instance, at Verbika we do translations in over 200 language pairs including translations in Bulgarian, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, French, Armenian, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. thanks to our vibrant team of local native translators. To have better translation results make sure the translation agency can also do localization as, without localization, the translated material might not get the message across to your target market.


2. Native Speakers

Using a company that employs native translators from your target market to ensure that your content is properly translated and localized is crucial for success. It is important for translators to not only have diverse professional backgrounds to serve a variety of industries but also be native to the language they do translations.  As native speakers, they understand the cultural and linguistic nuances better providing more culturally appropriate content. It is important to work with the best suitable linguists who have expertise and knowledge in both the source and target languages.


3. Industries Covered

It is clear that translators possess a wealth of general information about the world as well as native-level proficiency in the language and culture they are translating into. A great translation agency will, however, include specialists in particular industries who have knowledge of the industry’s specific terminology. In order for your content to sound as professional as it did in the original language, these professionals make sure the correct terminology is used in the target language. When professional translators cover different industries and spheres, you don’t have to worry about the specific terminology of your industry and the final quality you will receive.


4. Format

Another important factor to pay attention to is choosing a translation company that can offer various file formats to choose from. Sometimes you need non-editable files like PDFs or text on images, brochures, newspapers, collateral materials, booklets and manuals translated or formatted into a print-ready document for your company. The translated text often has a different sentence structure and length when compared to the original. From typesetting to graphic placement, many projects need a redesign post-translation.

It is important for the Bulgarian translation company you choose to understand that the content you create should represent your vision as accurately as in its language of origin.


5. Delivery Deadlines

As a translation and localization company, meeting deadlines is as important as providing high-quality results for translation. How fast translation is finished is one of the most crucial factors as you would likely want to find a translation company that does their job as quickly and efficiently as possible. When choosing a Bulgarian translation company check how fast the company can complete your translation. Some companies offer the option to pay a small extra fee for expedited delivery. So when you need a very fast turnaround, this may be something to consider when choosing your translation company.


6. Dedicated project manager

Even when translation is done by professional native speakers who have in-depth knowledge of the industry, translation can still be a long and complicated process. This is when the need for a dedicated project manager appears. Dedicated project managers work closely with the client to understand the brand voice and guidelines. The project managers spend time getting to know the client and their business in order to communicate the right brand and other requirements to the writers. They work closely with you during the whole project, taking care of all aspects of the project and answering any questions you may have throughout the duration of your projects. Dedicated project managers ensure that the highest level of customer service is given to each and every customer. Our account managers understand the specific needs of our customers and provide superb support.


7. Choose a Bulgarian certified company


Last but not least, choose a Bulgarian-certified company for your translation services. While it may not seem so difficult, translation is far from easy. That is why you should choose a Bulgarian translation company that is certified. Keep an eye out for ISO 9001, 17100, or 27001 badges. It demonstrates that the business adheres to high standards for the provision of its translation services and complies with data protection standards, indicating that they will protect your information.


Choosing the best Bulgarian translation company for your translation and localization needs might be a challenging task. You not only have to find native speakers with excellent command of the source and target languages, project managers who understand how to organize the process in the best way possible but you also need to find the right company that has the right accreditation and the best delivery deadlines. The complete list discussed above will surely help you narrow your list.


If you are looking for a translation and localization company that meets all the criteria discussed in this article to translate your content into Bulgarian, Verbika is the right choice. Thanks to the broad experience, dedication, and commitment of our team, we have become a leading localization and translation company that offers an all-in-one solution for all your translation needs. Regardless of the scope and size of your project, we can offer a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for your business.


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