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How Translation & Localization Change the Game in the Food Industry

The world we live in has been dramatically changing: online has become the new normal. During the 2020 lockdown, the governments requested physical stores, cafes, restaurants, and other institutions to close or to restrict their operations. That is why many food and beverage businesses, big and small, had the urgent need to switch to online. With people having to stay, work/study and eat at home, the food and beverage industry grew fast through the digitalization of offline F&B businesses.

Even in a world with fewer restrictions, today’s F&B customer is ready to adjust towards digitalization. That is why the businesses that have recognized the importance of food and beverage industry translation and provide multilingual websites reign supreme in the market. The truth is you do not need to be a huge corporation to provide the best user experience to your customers. All you need are trusty translators who will be able to convey your brand’s message most authentically.

As a business owner, you might be asking yourself, why do I need to translate my food and beverage industry website, cookbook, menu, etc?

Well, we have the answers for you.

Food Industry Translation Benefits

Reach Wider Audience

When running a business, it is important to make sure you reach the right people. Food industry translation services will help you reach a broader audience. By offering a multilingual website, your business will cover a wider audience. The more people know about your business, the more sales you will have.

Look Reputable and International

Translating your food and beverage business website will also present your business as more reputable. It will also make you look international. Even if you do not have many international customers, translation will help you make it into reality. When potential customers visit your website and are able to browse it in their own language, they will feel more confident and secure about your services.

Attract Tourists

If you are a restaurant or a café, it is vital for you to have a multilingual online presence. To attract visitors from your target markets you would likely want to have at least a few pages of your website translated. It will be of assistance to your business as when they are able to understand your content, they are more likely to pick your business for a visit.

Stay Culturally Connected

If you share receipts on the web, especially national cuisine receipts, culinary website translation is what you need. When people find a receipt they like, it is frustrating that they do not fully understand it. This is the moment when the customer uses automatic translation tools such as Google translate. Those automatic translation tools are not yet able to translate your receipt all the way. Moreover, your enjoyable receipt will be ruined with inaccurate translation. That is why you need translation of your receipts by a specialized translator, who understands the culinary lexicon and food analogy.

Do Successful Gastronomy Marketing

Translation for food marketing helps to build trust with gastronomy content marketing. It can include an online menu, recipes, cookbook, or a food blog. Done accurately, culinary website translation will present your product correctly. It will in its turn help you attract more customers and conquer new international markets.

Provide Successful User Experience

User experience is of utmost importance when it comes to business be that online or offline. A kind of therapy and source of happiness for many, people want to feel comfortable while being online. That is why when your customers visit your website; its workflow needs to be perfected. Besides the easy interface and beautiful design, nothing beats offering a multilingual website.

As we can see, there are more reasons than not to have your food and beverage business content translated. You might be tempted to use already existing automated translating programs. However, the truth is that there are many difficulties in food and beverage industry translation.

Food and translation are very similar: if not “cooked” properly, the flavor is lost. Here are some of the difficulties you might face in cultural and culinary translation.

Untranslatable and International Terms

Untranslatable and international terms are some of the most widespread difficulties. With incorrect translation, you might end up with dishes like “Priest Strangler” for “Strozzapreti”, “Burning Love” for “Braendedne Kaelighed” and “Dead Grandma” for “Tote Ome”. We all agree that the translated names sound more terrifying and disturbing rather than appetizing.


Besides the untranslatable and international terms, another difficulty is the terminology. It includes ingredients, production cooking techniques, recipes, menus and so much more. It is necessary to consider very carefully the way the food is presented and described. If the terms are translated incorrectly, a customer might end up with something they did not want or like. This will have its negative consequences. That is why the translation cannot and should not be literal. The content on your website is the key part of the overall presentation of your business to the world. In addition, correctly translated terminology will save your business’s reputation, keeping you away from customer dissatisfaction.

Localizing Measures

Another difficulty you might face is the localizing measures. The localizing measures differ from country to country. Localization for the UK market is different from Chinese market localization. That is why it is crucial to have specialized translators. They not only have full command of language but also understand cultural, culinary and localizing nuances.

As we can see, website translation is one of the most important steps in reaching success in the food and beverage industry. If done poorly, it will not have a negative impact on your café, restaurant, food blog or other F&B business. Moreover, in today’s online world of reviews and social media, nothing is as crucial as your business’s reputation.
Professional translation services for the food and beverage industry are what guarantee a successful connection between your business and customers. Our native translators will ensure good food translation of the highest quality. Our translation services will help your business avoid unnecessary complications, attract new customers, reach new markets and get a high reputation around the world.

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